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Welcome all PEZ Collectors   !

I need following PEZ Parts: Bride A Vail - all Pal Parts -MAF Parts - - Pilot Heads - Captain America Heads - Truck Stems if you have such Parts for sale or trade please contact me - Thank you ! 

If somebody have a Vail for my Bride A ---   please send a mail to: collect@utanet.at -    come one and make me happy !

Here a List from all my available spare PEZ  Parts

for Sale or Trade ! 100% Original ! ! No Repro ! Parts !

 If you are intrested please drop me a Note !


Merlin Mouth Nose

Merlin Mouth Face

Merlin Mouse Hat

Merlin Mouse Head

Truck Cab

Truck Cab 1

Single Fender

Truck C Axle

Truck C Double Fenders 1

Truck C Double Fenders 2

Captain Hat no Sticker

Kermit Frog A plain Collar

HA ! 1991

Small Head Iron Spring for 2.6 and 3.4 inner Sleeves

MMM Whistle

































body part  bow

body part shoes black bones

body part full body black bones


body part handbag

body part shoes  green

body part full body brown with dots


body part hockey stick

body part shoes naked

body part full body green


body part sickle

body part shoes red

body part full body purple with apron


body part sword  large

body part shoes silver

body part full body red 99


body part sword small


body part full body silver with apron


body part trump
























Smurfette Hair and Head

Duck Child D Beak

Duck Child D Head

Smurf Face

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