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Welcome all PEZ Collectors   !

Ultra rare and hard to find  GAMA PEZ Bank Western Germany

GAMA PEZ Sparautomat

This are Metal Tools to check if the Head works proper !

Metal Printing Plate for the Pebbels Face

Home-workers used  this 'metal-needle for applying glue when assembling pez dispensers. At the wider end of the needle a normal syringe  filled with glue was inserted.

By pressing the tip of this 'metal-needle' onto the plastic parts of  the pez dispensers, it was possible to apply  the glue‚ little by  little, trop by trop.

Nevertheless, due to the high workload of the  home-workers, they sometimes assembled the dispensers rather  carelessly.

PEZ Blotting Paper

Original Sticker for PEZ Vending Machine around 1970

Christmas Card from 70ties

Loop for Pez Dress

Voven PEZ Patch big

PEZ Shirts

rare old Photographik Plate from the 30 ties

Here you cans see some Factory Test to create a regular without a metal Spring

but all of those efforts does not work and so the metal Spring is still inside the Boxes

Plaster and Resin Heads - all these Parts are Test and template Items from a Pez Factory


Several Mock up and Plaster Heads

PEZ is a Trademark of Haas / Austria !

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